November 2018

How to prepare your body for IVF

My latest post for ABC IVF is now live on their website and this week's topic is 'How to prepare your body for IVF'. Preparing your body and mind for an IVF cycle is extremely important and despite IVF not being an exact science, I believe your chances will be increased if you do the… Continue reading How to prepare your body for IVF

November 2018

My Journey with Infertility & Mental Health

My latest blog post with ABC IVF is now live on their website and this topic is one that I'm nervous about sharing. You might look at me and think I'm the type of person who doesn't hold anything back, and you would be right to a point. I know plenty of people who find… Continue reading My Journey with Infertility & Mental Health

October 2018

Fertility Week 2018 – #YouAreNotAlone

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Fertility Week 2018; an extremely important week organised by Fertility Network UK to raise awareness of infertility, change people’s perceptions of the horrible disease and raising funds to ensure fantastic charities like Fertility Network can continue to offer crucial support to people throughout the UK. This year’s theme is #youarenotalone;… Continue reading Fertility Week 2018 – #YouAreNotAlone

September 2018

I’ve got a writing job!

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be approached and asked to write some blog posts for a London-based fertility clinic, ABC IVF. After some initial communication, I began to realise the amazing work this clinic is doing. In their efforts to make IVF treatment more accessible to couples, they have become… Continue reading I’ve got a writing job!

August 2018

It’s ok not to be ok

There’s no doubt about it, infertility is hard. I always try my best to keep things in perspective by comparing myself with the millions of other people in life who are far worse off than us, who are dealing with unimaginable pain, loss and heartache. This usually results in me berating myself for moaning at… Continue reading It’s ok not to be ok

July 2017, Uncategorized

Am I meant to be a mother?

Sometimes I wonder if my infertility is trying to tell me something. I’m a big believer in the old adage that everything happens for a reason. You could be going through a very bad spell in life, or things have gone wrong and I always think that someway, somehow you will come out the other… Continue reading Am I meant to be a mother?