October 2017

Press & Journal IVF Article & JustGiving Page

A few weeks ago I was delighted to be contacted by my local paper The Press & Journal and asked to contribute to an article on IVF. The journalist I spoke to was putting together a piece to coincide with National Fertility Awareness Week and the 40th anniversary of IVF. I submitted my writing and… Continue reading Press & Journal IVF Article & JustGiving Page

October 2017

National Fertility Awareness Week 2017

As many of you know I recently became a volunteer for Fertility Network UK, an amazing national charity who helps and supports couples experiencing fertility problems. Every year they run a Fertility Awareness Week in order to try and raise awareness of fertility issues in the UK, break the stigma surrounding infertility and raise funds… Continue reading National Fertility Awareness Week 2017

September 2017

8 Days Post Miscarriage

It has now been 8 days since we found out about our miscarriage. I am still testing positive for pregnancy and have still not passed the miscarriage. I am attending the fertility clinic tomorrow for blood tests to ensure there is no other issues underlying, however their advice at the moment is to let the… Continue reading 8 Days Post Miscarriage

August 2017

Living in Fear – The 2 Week Wait

Sometimes I look at the position we’re in right now; have voluntarily put ourselves in, and I wonder what the heck we were thinking coming back here again. Here we are, half way through the 2-week wait, and I feel utterly miserable. Yes this post will perhaps come across melodramatic and extremely negative and I… Continue reading Living in Fear – The 2 Week Wait

August 2017

It’s been a funny old week…

Well this has certainly been a week of up’s and down’s and bits in between. Starting with the ups, I am so overwhelmed and honoured to have been part of Izzy Judd’s #LetsTalkFertility short film, which she shared on her facebook page last night. Some time ago I became aware of Izzy and her husband… Continue reading It’s been a funny old week…