October 2017

Most importantly, Love

This week would have been our 12 week scan. Instead of shedding tears about what might have been, I thought I would share this quote and remind myself that love conquers all, and hopefully one day very soon our boundless love will result in a much loved baby of our own.

October 2017

Roman the Superhero

The days following my last post saw a lot of tears, a lot of pain and many black days. Slowly but surely however the clouds started to part and we started to heal and smile again. For over a week now I have felt better. I can’t describe specifically what is different as I know… Continue reading Roman the Superhero

September 2017

8 Days Post Miscarriage

It has now been 8 days since we found out about our miscarriage. I am still testing positive for pregnancy and have still not passed the miscarriage. I am attending the fertility clinic tomorrow for blood tests to ensure there is no other issues underlying, however their advice at the moment is to let the… Continue reading 8 Days Post Miscarriage

August 2017

Living in Fear – The 2 Week Wait

Sometimes I look at the position we’re in right now; have voluntarily put ourselves in, and I wonder what the heck we were thinking coming back here again. Here we are, half way through the 2-week wait, and I feel utterly miserable. Yes this post will perhaps come across melodramatic and extremely negative and I… Continue reading Living in Fear – The 2 Week Wait

August 2017

It’s been a funny old week…

Well this has certainly been a week of up’s and down’s and bits in between. Starting with the ups, I am so overwhelmed and honoured to have been part of Izzy Judd’s #LetsTalkFertility short film, which she shared on her facebook page last night. Some time ago I became aware of Izzy and her husband… Continue reading It’s been a funny old week…