May 2017

I’m Angry at Corrie!

This is not a post that I was planning to write, but I feel I need to express my thoughts on this topic as it has got my back up somewhat! I’m not a regular soap viewer, I’m more of a “I’ll watch them if they’re on” kind of gal, however a couple of months… Continue reading I’m Angry at Corrie!

April 2017

Can we ever really have it all?

Probably the most common question that has been asked in our household since we found out we couldn’t have a baby naturally is “Why us?” We are a happily married couple who love each other dearly, we have a lovely house, enough means to give a child a good life and overall we are pretty… Continue reading Can we ever really have it all?

April 2017

Cracking Up – Part Two

As someone who is a big believer in vitamins, I thought it only right to research vitamins and supplements that could potentially help me ensure my eggs would be numerous and of a high quality in order to have the optimum result come egg recovery day. I have taken a multi-vitamin every day for as… Continue reading Cracking Up – Part Two

April 2017

Cracking Up – Part One

Since the season of Easter is upon us, I thought it would be an appropriate time to discuss eggs. Unfortunately not the chocolate variety, but rather the ones that women carry around inside of them waiting for the day when they discover what they are actually for. I promise that I will try to egg-splain… Continue reading Cracking Up – Part One

April 2017

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Recently I read the book ‘The Secret’. I have actually owned the book for a few years but have never really been very much into self help, happy-clappy “let’s all live in peace and harmony” books, so have previously put it off. However, when we discovered we were unable to have a baby naturally, I… Continue reading Laughter is the Best Medicine

March 2017

A Typical IVF Cycle

If you’re anything like us, unless you have been through IVF or have friends who have, you probably have no idea what IVF treatment involves. Until we were faced with entering that world, we actually thought it would entail a couple of trips to the hospital and then boom, you were pregnant! Unfortunately the reality… Continue reading A Typical IVF Cycle

March 2017

It’s Private

It was on the way home from meeting our new niece that Dave blurted out that he was fed up of waiting and suggested we look into private IVF treatment. I was quite shocked but sensed that he had reached his limit. With anything fertility related it’s always the woman that receives the most attention, after all… Continue reading It’s Private