September 2018


When I was younger I used to collect friends. Everywhere I went, every job I had, every party I went to, I would come away with new friends; people to add on Facebook and get my friend count up. And the truth is I’ve never been short of friends however, the older I’ve gotten the… Continue reading Friendship

September 2018

Miscarriage – 1 Year On

Thank you so much to everyone who congratulated me and sent good wishes on the publication of my guest blog post for ABC IVF fertility clinic. It really means a lot to me. Writing is something I hugely enjoy and feel I would like to continue in the future so to get a position where… Continue reading Miscarriage – 1 Year On

September 2018

I’ve got a writing job!

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be approached and asked to write some blog posts for a London-based fertility clinic, ABC IVF. After some initial communication, I began to realise the amazing work this clinic is doing. In their efforts to make IVF treatment more accessible to couples, they have become… Continue reading I’ve got a writing job!