June 2017

Hints, Tips & Useful Information – IVF Books

Being the avid reader that I am, whenever I have a problem I turn to books to try and fix it. It was therefore inevitable than when we were diagnosed with our fertility problems, one of my first tasks was to go onto Amazon and find out which books I thought would be worthwhile reading.… Continue reading Hints, Tips & Useful Information – IVF Books

June 2017

An Ode to IVF

Down, down further I go, sinking into the abyss, What can I do? Where should I go? Have I been amiss? I try to see above the tide, looking for the light, But all I see is darkness there, no shining beam in sight.   My soul it feels so empty now, with nothing there… Continue reading An Ode to IVF

June 2017

Adoption and Us

A common question we’re asked when we tell people of our fertility issue is whether we would ever consider adoption. And we both automatically always answer yes. Not only is this something we would consider, but if our IVF journey continues to be unsuccessful, it’s something we would definitely look into very seriously. Obviously, everyone… Continue reading Adoption and Us