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My Favourite Coffee Table Books (Light Relief from IVF!)

As I mentioned in my last post, since we are taking a break from IVF for the next few months, I thought I would try my hand at some posts of a different style. As the festive season is rapidly approaching, some of these posts will be based on the theme of Christmas, however I thought I would start off with something quite simple – My Favourite Coffee Table Books!

Those of you who know me you how OBSESSED I am with books. I mean, quite literally obsessed. My bookcases are absolutely bursting full of books of all shapes, sizes, topics and authors, although my favourite genre is definitely royal history. I have many, MANY books on the War of the Roses, the Tudor dynasty, the Elizabethan and the Hanoverian era.

My other favourite type of book is crime and I own everything Agatha Christie ever wrote. She is definitely one of my heroes!

This post however, is based on the books that I keep on my coffee table, or rather under my coffee table. The formal definition of a coffee table book is a book that inspires conversation with visitors to your home. You get all sorts of weird and wonderful books that are considered trendy or fashionable at any given moment. However, I am really not as cool as that and don’t have books just for the sake of it; I actually read my books! The books I keep under my coffee table are simply there because I refer to them a lot and like to have them close at hand. That being said, let’s get started on my favourite coffee table books.

  1. ‘Kings & Queens of the British Isles: A History of Monarchy’, by Thomas Cussans.

As mentioned above, I absolutely love royal history, therefore when my mum and dad gave me this book as a Christmas gift last year, I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Starting with the Roman conquest and ending with our present Queen Elizabeth II, this fascinating book covers every era and every King or Queen in between. With gorgeous illustrations, maps and excerpts from royal documents, this is a book I pick up and put down constantly.


  1. ‘Simply Divine’, by Lisa Vanderpump

As much as I hate to admit it, I am a huge real housewives fan and Ms. Vanderpump (Mrs Todd) has to be one of my favourite cast members of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is so elegant, classy and she absolutely adores dogs which makes me love her even more. I bought her book ‘Simply Divine’ several years ago and have used it so many times. Not only does it feature loads of fabulous recipes for every time of year, it also has great presentation ideas, how to dress your table, how to entertain guests, flower arranging etc. Everything that I love! A lovely book.


  1. ‘Making a House Your Home’, by Clare Nolan

I definitely do not rate myself at being good at designing or styling the interior of a home, but it is something I really enjoy playing about with and learning more about. When we moved into our current home 4 years ago I purchased this book for some design ideas and it really is great. There are many concepts that I would never dream of incorporating into my home but there are some brilliant tips and tricks on things like storage solutions, making the most of what you’ve got and making smaller spaces appear larger. With a chapter on each room of the house, the photographs featured throughout alone are enough to inspire you to make some little changes that can have a huge overall impact. This really is a beautiful book.


  1. ‘The Queen’s Houses’ by Alan Titchmarsh

Going back again to my love of all things royal, I bought this book in Royal Deeside after a day spent at Balmoral Castle. It is such a beautiful book and goes into great detail about each of the Queen’s houses, the history, who built them, the previous Kings and Queens who resided there as well as featuring lovely interviews with household staff. The photographs alone are enough to make you want to buy this book if you have even the slightest interest in our Royal family.


  1. ‘Make the Most of your Time on Earth’ by Rough Guides

I actually bought this book for Dave as part of his Christmas 2 years ago. He is much more of an adventurer than me and he has been to some pretty cool places and done some pretty cool things, not least sky diving at the Grand Canyon! So I thought this book would really appeal to his sense of adventure and right enough, he loves it! Featuring must-see places and things to do from all corners of the globe, it definitely makes you want to pack your bags and book a plane ticket straight away. From snorkelling with turtles in Jamaica, to camping with elephants in Namibia; from visiting the souks in Morocco to champagne tasting in France, this book has every hidden gem of travel experiences you could ever want. A great book to look through together and add items to your bucket list!


  1. The Little Book Of Hygge’ by Meik Wiking

I’ll be honest. You know those cool, trendy coffee table books I talked about earlier in my post? Yeh, this is one of those books. I admit I partially only bought it to see what all the fuss was about. ‘Hygge’ and the ‘Hygge’ way of living has become something of a phenomenon that everyone is talking about. Originating from Denmark, the word hygge means wellbeing and this book is dedicated to just that; how to live well and to enhance your life with comfort and cosiness that brings more contentment. After a terrible year this is something that really appealed to me, especially as Dave and I love nothing better than cosying up together in our house with the fire roaring, the candles burning and a nice glass of red wine in our hands. And that is exactly what hygge stands for. With chapters on lighting, food and drink, home, Christmas and happiness, I must admit some of this book is a bit airy-fairy for me, however at its heart is some great ideas to simply bring more happiness and contentment to your life, so who can argue with that?


Thanks so much for reading guys; I really hope you all enjoyed my first non-IVF blog post. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more posts like this.

Rachel XOXO


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  1. Great read and I think I’ll pinch the Making the most of your time on earth book as an idea for a gift to my husband. Take care both. Love Joy

    On Thu, 23 Nov 2017 at 19:34, Our Path to Parenthood wrote:

    > Our Path to Parenthood posted: “As I mentioned in my last post, since we > are taking a break from IVF for the next few months, I thought I would try > my hand at some posts of a different style. As the festive season is > rapidly approaching, some of these posts will be based on the theme of” >

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