May 2017

Is it really all worth it?

As you are all aware, our first IVF cycle failed 3 weeks ago. We are spending the time right now to heal and think about what we want to do next in order to achieve our dreams of having a baby. It goes without saying that we are moving forward with a second treatment cycle,… Continue reading Is it really all worth it?

May 2017

Hints, Tips & Useful Information – Let Positivity Prevail

As I’ve said on previous posts, I am far from a Positive Polly. Especially at the moment after our failed IVF cycle. However, throughout my life and specifically in the past year, I have found that letting positivity prevail is the best, and often only, way to be. No one likes a negative nelly, and… Continue reading Hints, Tips & Useful Information – Let Positivity Prevail

May 2017

Two Weeks of Torture

The two week wait after you’ve had your embryo transferred can be the best and the worst part of the entire IVF process. On one hand you are nearing the end of the treatment so you could potentially be pregnant very soon, you’re no longer getting poked and prodded at the clinic every couple of… Continue reading Two Weeks of Torture