March 2017

A Typical IVF Cycle

If you’re anything like us, unless you have been through IVF or have friends who have, you probably have no idea what IVF treatment involves. Until we were faced with entering that world, we actually thought it would entail a couple of trips to the hospital and then boom, you were pregnant! Unfortunately the reality… Continue reading A Typical IVF Cycle

March 2017

It’s Private

It was on the way home from meeting our new niece that Dave blurted out that he was fed up of waiting and suggested we look into private IVF treatment. I was quite shocked but sensed that he had reached his limit. With anything fertility related it’s always the woman that receives the most attention, after all… Continue reading It’s Private

March 2017

Tips, Advice & Useful Information – Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blocked fallopian tubes are a common cause of infertility in women and one of the first things I did was research how I could possibly unblock mine. The consultant at the fertility clinic mentioned that before IVF they used to carry out operations to partially or completely remove the offending tube, which would still allow… Continue reading Tips, Advice & Useful Information – Blocked Fallopian Tubes

February 2017

No Excuses

A Hycosy (hystero-salpingo contrast sonography) is a procedure whereby your fallopian tubes are filled with dye to check for any blockages that could be causing your infertility. Sounds simple enough however, in truth the procedure itself was a bit more “formal” that I had been expecting. I am the first to admit that I have… Continue reading No Excuses